Friday, October 5, 2007

Matchá cookies

What a bad start for my blog right? Posted only a few times and disapired...
Haven't really had the time to do good things to post. But there's something i've made and would love to share with you is this....
For a school project i'm developing a recipe tha goes green tea and dark chocolate. Here in Brazil we're not really used to have dark chocolate, and its kind hard to find also, bute recently Nestle put to sale a 70% cocooa chocolate and of course i just had to buy it... To try it i decide to use in the recipe to college, my group and i wanted to create something using the called Functional Food, meaning products that produces some good for your helth.. and chocolate is one of those and so is green tea... two products that are not know to have this bennefit.
Ended up that well, lets just say that i forgot green tea losts its proriets when cooked above 65°C... so.. it didin't work for my project my it tasted really well... so... posting here.

Matchá Cookies


110g margarine
130 cup flour
80g choped almond
80g sugar
30g green tea-matchá
1 whole egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
150g bittersweet chocolate choped (70%cocooa)

Perheat oven 160°C.
Combine margarine, flour and almond, add suggar, matchá, egg and vanilla. And to finishi add the chocolate.
Bake until it gets strong green. Let it cool. and eat!

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