Friday, February 29, 2008

The Challenged i almost didn't post!!

I've made this bread suck a long time ago to be sure that i would be fine and safe to post the challenge today and what happened?? Weeelll... i've forgot and remembered to post when i was coming back home at 11 (pm) o'clock!!!
So... came running to the computer and to my suprise.. were are the photos?? I simple coulnd't find them...(as you can see i found then, but only after i've finished to do the post)
But... going to the challenge it self now... As i alredy said i've made it a long time ago, in the very begging of the mounth, on the 5th.

I took the hole day to do it.... began at 8 am and finished at 7 pm, but had lots of fun. As you can see we made French Bread, but not just a french bread, it was Julia Child French Bread. Indeed a challenge, that was hostesses by Breadchick Mary (The Sour Dough) & Sara (I Like to Cook).
This mounth i wont be writing a lot but was want to give a big thanks to Mary and Sara to say that this mounth i realllllly leaft my confort zone and tried something i would have never, really never, choosen to make, and i really enjoyed to make it, i probably wont be doing it again but it was nice to know i'm able to do something like that... THANK YOU really....
The recipe is really long so i wont be posting here you can find them at Mary and/or Sara's blog.
And please... check out the other beautis that the rest of the group baked.

PS: It's 11:55!!!!