Sunday, June 29, 2008

Danish Dought

So... as usual i only post the DB challenge of the mounth. This time the hostess were Kelly, Sass & Veracity, and Ben, What’s Cookin’?. And their choice was a Danish Dought, and i looked and wondered, what is that?, is it difficult? So i went trought their wonderfull text that was very inlightening and trought the recipa, hum... sounded a little hard, wey out of my confort zone, of course i just loved.

But it would consume a lot of time that i was kind of out this mounth, here in Brazil is the end of the semester for school and colleges, no different for me, so lots of tests, papers and lots of studying, again.... really time consuming. I tought about skiping this mounth challenge, even tought i was really excited for... so.. i waited till the end of the mounth i lucky for me i got a little time of to complete the challenge... (very tight on schedule – i made it on the 28th of the mounth).

And i coudn’t be happier.... it went all very nice... nothing to difficult or hard working and the smelly, on the good sense... cardamom plus vanilla bean plus orange... OH MY GOD just amazing...

The recipe suggested a apple filling, but how i had strawberry and raspyberrys at home decide to combine with havy cream and white chocolate in a ganache and this was my filling... oh.. and i added a little lemon just to make it even more citrus... acutally i made a berry jam and then added the ganache and as you all can see the filling exploded... But thats OK because everything tasted so dam good that no one really cared about aperences... We just loved, and the left overs of the dought i baked just as it is and again amazing... definitlly a keeper... the dought not the combination of dought and filling.

I loved, and had a wonderfull time making it.

Thank you Kelly and Ben for this mounth challenge. The recipe you can check out on their blogs and the creations of my fellow bakers you can find here.